Machine Learning Course in Nagpur

Duration: 4 Months

Machine Learning & Data Science Courses in Nagpur

Are you ready to take a revolutionary step into the fields of data science and machine learning Classes in NagpurSteps Technology is the best place in Nagpur to find courses on data science and machine learning. Our extensive programs are meant to provide you the abilities and information required to succeed in the quickly changing sector of technology.

What is Data Science?

Data scienceCertification Institute in Nagpuris the art of deriving valuable insights from vast and intricate datasets through a combination of statistical analysis, programming proficiency, and domain expertise. In the context of machine learning, data science involves employing advanced algorithms to unveil patterns, make precise predictions, and inform decision-making across diverse fields such as business, healthcare, and social sciences.
The success of a data science endeavour hinges on the harmonious integration of analytical skills, deep domain knowledge, and effective communication, enabling the transformation of complex findings into actionable solutions that drive innovation and strategic advantage.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, empowers computers to discern patterns from data, advancing their performance through adaptive learning from new information. This specialized field involves crafting algorithms that excel over time, particularly in tasks such as image recognition, language translation, and recommendation systems.
The distinctive aspect of machine learning lies in models' ability to make predictions or decisions without explicit programming, achieved through training on diverse datasets. The foundation of this dynamic field is made up of methods like reinforcement learning, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning, which open up a world of possibilities for automated pattern detection and decision-making.

Why Choose Steps Technology for AI course in Nagpur?

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: : Our courses are crafted by industry experts, ensuring that you learn the latest tools and technologies in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Experienced Instructors: At Steps Technology, you will be guided by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the field. Benefit from their insights and practical knowledge to excel in your career.

Hands-On Learning: We endorse learning through active participation and hands-on engagement. Our hands-on approach allows you to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Personalized Mentorship: : Our small class sizes enable personalized attention, fostering a supportive learning environment. Receive one-on-one guidance from mentors who are dedicated to your success.

Project-Based Assessments: Showcase your skills through project-based assessments, building a robust portfolio that demonstrates your proficiency to potential employers.

Industry-Relevant Certifications: Earn certifications that are recognized by industry leaders, validating your expertise, and enhancing your credibility in the job market.

Placement Assistance: : Our commitment to your success goes beyond the classroom. Benefit from our dedicatedData Science Course with Placement Assistanceservices, connecting you with top employers in Nagpur and beyond.

Course Curriculum for Data Science:

  • Using Databases with Python
  • Object Oriented Python
  • Data Models
  • Relational SQL Databases
  • Visualisation
  • Introduction to NumPy
  • Pandas and Matplotlib etc.
  • Data Manipulation

Course Curriculum for Machine Learning:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
  • Supervised Learning - I
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Supervised Learning - II
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Define Data Science
  • Data Science Fundamentals
  • Data Extraction
  • Wrangling
  • Visualization
  • Data Analysis Pipeline
  • What is Data Extraction?
  • Types of Data
  • Raw and Processed Data
  • Exploratory Data
  • Analysis Visualization of Data
  • Explore Algorithms like: Regression, Clustering, Decision Tree, Random forest, Naive Bayes, etc.
  • Elements of machine learning algorithm like:Parameters,Hyper parameters, Loss function, Optimization.
  • Association Rules Mining and Recommendation Systems
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Model Selection and Boosting
  • Supervised Learning -- Project for your profile
  • Unsupervised Learning-II- Project for your profile

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional looking to upskill, Steps Technology is your gateway to a successful career in Data Science and Machine Learning.

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What are the key features of the Artificial Intelligence course offered in Nagpur?

The AI course in Nagpur offered by Steps Technology stands out with comprehensive coverage of AI concepts, hands-on learning experiences, and a curriculum crafted by industry experts

How is the teaching approach and course content different for Artificial Intelligence Classes in Nagpur?

The AI Classes in Nagpur, offered by Steps Technology, distinguish themselves through a unique teaching approach and curriculum. The classes emphasize practical, hands-on learning, ensuring students gain a deep understanding of AI concepts

What sets the Artificial Intelligence Institute in Nagpur apart from other institutions in the region?–

Steps Technology makes the AI Institute in Nagpur stand out by providing a special program created by industry experts. We focus on practical learning, hands-on experience, and personal guidance.

How does the Artificial Intelligence Course with placement assistance ensure career opportunities for students in Nagpur?

The AI Course with placement assistance from Steps Technology ensures career opportunities for students in Nagpur by combining comprehensive learning with practical experiences.