Azure DevOps

Duration: 2 Months

About Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps, offered by Microsoft, is a comprehensive set of development tools and services that facilitates the entire software development lifecycle. It encompasses a range of features including version control, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), testing, and project management. Azure DevOps provides integration with popular version control systems like Git, enabling efficient collaboration among development teams. With its extensive CI/CD capabilities, teams can automate the build, testing, and deployment of applications. Its integration with Azure services further simplifies cloud-based application development and deployment. Overall, Azure DevOps empowers teams to deliver high-quality software faster, with enhanced collaboration and automation.

Course Curriculum:

  • Basic Understanding of Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment & Testing
  • Experience with Fundamentals of PowerShell
  • An Overview of Virtual Machines
  • Azure PaaS & SaaS
  • IaaC with Azure Pipeline
  • Concepts of DevOps
  • Content for Cloud
  • Introduction of Azure
  • About ADO
  • Scope of General Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Azure Boards
  • Azure Repos
  • Pipelines Settings
  • Azure Test Plans
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Scope of Automation Tools and Activities of Project
  • Azure Backup
  • Replication and Site Recovery
  • Database migration from on-premises to Azure SQL database using DMA
  • Overview of Azure Security Center
  • Overview of Azure Monitoring and Log Analytics
  • Azure Kubernates Service
  • Azure Container (Docker) Service
  • Azure Container Registery
  • Practicals
Azure Devops