Angular Course in Nandanwan Nagpur

Duration: 30 Days

Master Angular: Your Path to Excellence

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source web application framework developed by Google. It's written in TypeScript and facilitates the creation of dynamic, single-page web applications with features like two-way data binding, modularity, dependency injection, and routing. Angular is known for its powerful tools, component-based architecture, and testing support, making it a popular choice for building robust and scalable web applications.

Objectives of Angular Course

  • Understand single-page web application architectures.
  • Master new TypeScript language functions, including types, decorators, interfaces, and generics.
  • Learn best practices for Angular coding, project design, and the use of containers and presentation components.
  • Grasp form-driven Angular models, observables, dependency injection, routing, and communication with a backend server.
  • Configure the router, navigate between components, and use IVY, the new Angular compiler, for faster, smaller builds.

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Course Curriculum:

  • What is an Angular
  • Angular Architecture
  • Creating Angular Project
  • Angular Project Structure
  • Introduction to TypeScript
  • Displaying Data using
  • Styles Binding in Comp.
  • Services in Angular
  • Laravel - Redirection

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