Flutter (Hybrid Development)

Duration: 45 Days

About Flutter (Hybrid Development)

Flutter is an open-source UI software development toolkit created by Google. It enables developers to craft natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Known for its fast performance and expressive design, Flutter uses the Dart programming language to build visually appealing and responsive user interfaces. Its "hot reload" feature accelerates the development process by instantly reflecting changes in the app. Flutter's popularity has grown due to its efficiency in creating cross-platform applications with a consistent look and feel across different devices.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Dart
  • Widgets
  • State Management
  • Dart Control Statements and Collections
  • Null safety in Dart
  • Dart Enumerations, Classes and Objects
  • Advanced Dart
  • Project Setup
  • iOS App Setup
  • Android App Setup
  • Firebase Backend Setup
  • Basic UI Components
  • Navigation
  • Login View
  • Link Between Views
  • Routers
  • OOPs
  • Error Handling
  • Auth Service
  • CRUD Local Storage
  • Cloud Firestore
  • Migrating to our Firestore Service
  • Loading Screens
  • App Icons and App Name
  • Sending our iOS app to App Store Connect
  • Releasing our iOS App
  • Firebase Security Rules
  • Localization in Flutter