Java(Core & Advance)

Duration: 2 Months

About Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language known for its platform independence. It uses a virtual machine (JVM) for execution, enabling "write once, run anywhere" capability. Java offers automatic memory management through garbage collection and supports multithreading for concurrent programming. Its extensive standard library aids in various tasks, from networking to GUI development. Java's security features and widespread adoption make it popular for web, enterprise, and mobile applications.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Java
  • Language fundamentals
  • Object-oriented Concepts
  • Writing Java classes
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Exception Handling
  • GUI with Java Swing controls
  • Multithreading
  • Socket programming
  • Input-Output (File I/O)
  • Java API Support
  • Annotations
  • Event Delegation Model
  • Swing MVC
  • Synchronization
  • Applets, AWT
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • Advanced JDBC
  • Basic SQL Commands
  • Connection with Oracle and MySQL
  • Stored Procedure
  • Function
  • Cursors
  • Triggers
  • Package
  • Introduction to Servlet
  • Servlet API 3.0 specification
  • Steps to Create Web Application & to Deploy in the Server Initialization Parameters
  • Web Application Context/ Servlet Context HTTP Servlets, Session Management
  • Filters
  • Listeners
  • Introduction to JSP, JSTL, Custom Tags, JSP API, Scripting Tags
  • MVC Architecture, Directive Tags
  • JSP Implicit Objects
  • JSP Standard Action Tags, Expression Language
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Crud Example Using MVC
  • Introduction to Spring
  • View Model Controller with Database
  • Introduction to React
  • Orignal DOM vs Virtual DOM
  • Components
  • Components with JSX / ES6
  • Props and State
Java Programming