JIRA Certification Course in Nagpur

Duration: 1 Day

About JIRA & Confluence

JIRA and Confluence are popular collaboration tools developed by Atlassian. JIRA is a versatile project management and issue tracking platform that helps teams manage tasks, track progress, and streamline workflows using agile methodologies. It's widely used for software development, as well as in various industries for task management.
Confluence, on the other hand, is a team collaboration tool that focuses on creating, sharing, and organizing content in a collaborative environment. It facilitates the creation of documents, wikis, knowledge bases, and other resources to enhance communication and knowledge sharing among team members.
Both JIRA and Confluence integrate seamlessly, allowing teams to connect project management and documentation efforts. JIRA manages the tasks and development processes, while Confluence supports the documentation and information-sharing aspects of a project, creating a comprehensive ecosystem for effective teamwork.

Course Curriculum:

  • JIRA Scheme
  • JIRA Issues and Issue types
  • JIRA Components
  • JIRA screen
  • Issue Attributes
  • Issue Security Schemes
  • System Administration
  • How to create an issue in JIRA
  • Sub-Task
  • WorkFlows
  • Plugins in JIRA
  • JIRA Agile
  • Creating issue in Agile
  • How to create an Epic in Agile
  • Use of Clone and Link in JIRA
  • Reports in JIRA
  • Kanban Board and Managing issues
  • JIRA Scrum vs JIRA Kanban
  • Course Overview
  • Understanding Confluence
  • Concepts and Uses
  • Confluence Introduction and Module Overview
  • Understanding Confluence Product Options
  • Understanding Confluence Core Concepts
  • Introducing our Sample Project and Module Summary
  • Navigating Confluence and Setting Personal Preferences
  • Module Overview
  • Creating a Confluence Cloud Instance
  • Navigating Confluence
  • Creating a Personal Space and Setting Personal Preferences
  • Creating Spaces and Pages
  • Editing and Maintaining Pages
  • Using Page History
  • Adding and Using Attachments
  • Viewing and Interacting with Attachments
  • Editing Attachments
  • Managing Attachments
  • Mastering the Confluence Editor
  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Controlling Page Layout
  • Formatting Page Content
  • Referencing Content from a page
  • Finding Content in Confluence
  • Module Overview
  • Using the Dashboard
  • Using Quick and Advanced Search
  • Using Labels
JIRA Confluence