Duration: 30 Days

About CakePHP MVC

CakePHP's MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture is a foundational element of its web development framework. The Model component manages data and database interactions, the View handles the user interface and presentation, and the Controller orchestrates the application's logic and user input. CakePHP's adherence to MVC promotes a structured codebase, simplifies maintenance, and allows developers to work on different parts of the application independently. The framework's conventions streamline development by reducing configuration overhead, while still offering flexibility for customization. With its integrated tools and code generation features, CakePHP's MVC approach enables developers to create efficient and well-organized web applications.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction of CakePHP
  • Installation of CakePHP
  • How to execute CakePHP
  • How to setup Database
  • How to connect Database
  • How to use Routers
  • How to use Model
  • How to use View
  • How to use Controllers