Data Analytics Certification in Nagpur

Duration: 2 Months

Your Key to Mastering Data Analytics

Steps Technology, the Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Nagpur. Our Data Analytics Certification Course is designed for anyone, whether you're new to the field or already working in the industry.

About Data Analytics Certification Course:

Data analytics is like detective work for information. It helps businesses make smart decisions by digging into data sets to find patterns and trends. In our course, we cover everything from basic business intelligence to advanced analytics, giving you a solid understanding of how data drives success.

Why Opt for Data Analytics?

Practical skills for today's job market are a key aspect. Participants acquire tools and techniques in demand across various industries. The ability to customize one's career path over time and the accessibility of learning for all, regardless of their professional background, make data analytics an attractive field of study.

Why Choose Steps Technology for Data Analytics Training?

At Steps Technology, our commitment goes beyond conventional training; we are dedicated to setting participants up for success. With seasoned trainers boasting a decade of hands-on experience, job placement support, affordable education through reasonably priced Data Analytics classes fees in Nagpur, and flexible learning options, our institute ensures a holistic learning experience.

Data Analytics Course Highlights:

Our course encompasses a wide range of crucial topics, including MySQL, Data Visualization, Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistics, Python Programming, Pandas, Tableau, Matplotlib, and Excel. These components form the building blocks of a comprehensive understanding of data analytics.

Online Learning at Steps Technology:

Discover the convenience of online learning with our Data Analytics Classes in Nagpur. Customize your schedule and learn at your own pace. Start your journey today!

The Steps Technology Advantage:

Swift job placement opportunities are a notable advantage for participants completing our program. A certification from Steps Technology opens doors to job opportunities in leading MNCs. With expert guidance from seasoned professionals, participants gain insights into forecasting and data analysis, contributing to their career distinction in the competitive field of data analytics.
Fuel your career ascent with Steps Technology, Nagpur's Data Analytics Training pioneer. Elevate your skills, chart your success. Join us – where your journey to mastery begins!

Course Main Modules:

  1. MySQL
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Statistics
  5. Programming Language - Python
  6. Pandas
  7. Tableau
  8. Matplotlib
  9. Excel

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Data Cleaning in Python
  • Introduction to Kaggle
  • Python for Data Analysis - Numpy,
  • Pandas
  • Python for Data Visualization
  • Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Approach to Problem Solving
  • Aids to Business Problem Solving
  • Database Design and Data Warehouse
  • Data Modelling
  • SQL Querying
  • Joins and Set Operations
  • Business Problem-solving using Data
  • Modelling
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Creating and Formatting Charts
  • Creating a Pivot Table
  • Analysing Data in a Pivot Table
  • Getting Started with Tableau
  • Charts, Plots, Hierarchies
  • Grouping and Tree-Maps
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Storytelling
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Cleaning
  • Univariate Analysis
  • Bivariate Analysis
  • Derived Metrics
  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Decision trees
  • Charts
  • Treemaps
  • Histograms
  • Database Design
  • Data Modelling
  • SQL Querying
  • Joins and Set Operations