PHP MySQL Web Development Training Course

About this Course

Steps Technology is giving the industrial based and job oriented PHP training in Nagpur. We teach the basic to advance level PHP course in our PHP/MySQL course module. Our PHP course program designed according to web development industry, so our PHP classes are very helpful for student to get a job in best web development companies or software companies as quickly as after completing PHP training course. Our PHP trainers are well qualified and experienced working professionals, who have worked in various small to big international industries level PHP Projects. Our PHP course contents and it’s syllabus based on PHP web development industrial requirements to fulfill the PHP companies hiring requirements for PHP programmer positions.

You will learn the following contents in our PHP training program:
  • Introduction of basic C language
  • Advance and Basic level of HTML5
  • Advance and Basic level of CSS
  • MYSQL Database
  • Basic of Jquery / Javascript
  • Advance and Basic level of PHP Programming
  • Introduction of PHP Framework like Laravel or CakePHP, Codignator
  • Introduction of JavaScript Framework like Angular or ReactJs
  • Learn how to create or implement the Projects in real time in PHP programming
Why do you need to learn PHP Programming?

PHP is a mega technology as well as popular server side programming language, as it is used by at least 80% of all websites on the Internet as of now. Small to Big level companies used the php programming for their development. Around the 60 to 70 % web development job gendered by PHP programming. PHP is easiest server side programming language for developing the web application in the world.

  • It is very simple to get started with PHP which became so common place amongst the user. Anyone who is not having any experience or knowledge about programming language , can also developed a website with a single PHP file in a very short time. The syntax of PHP programming language is very simple and its command functions are simple and easy to learn, as compare to many other programming language PHP is very simple and easy to start programming carrier in the world.
  • It can be installed quickly and at zero cost due to which developers get started with PHP. A wide range of PHP frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony can be openly accessed. Such cost effective features of web development also applicable to companies.
  • One of the big advantages of PHP is that it is a cross platform programming language, means it can be used on Mac OS, Windows, Linux and supports most web browsers including all the major web servers, which makes it easy to deploy on different systems and platforms at very less additional cost.
  • A degree in computer science, computer engineering or information technology is a preferable prerequisite to work in the area of PHP. But here you can develop your skills in PHP without having any professional academic qualification if you are willing to work in a non-MNC company.
  • PHP is a popular web development programming language employed all over the world which is adopted by millions of contemporary websites. As per the Latest Survey, PHP is utilized by 84% of the major web server. PHP Developers are most passionate professionals in the programming world. All MNC company hires PHP Developers any time. Therefore, the demand for skilled PHP Developers will increase definitely in future.

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