MCSA Azure Cloud

It provides you sound knowlege on Desktop & Network troubleshooting,handson training on Windows Server platform as well sound pratical knowledge on Azure cloud at Administrator level.
It makes your carrier as Desktop Support Engineer ,System Administator ,Technical Support Enginner ,Junior Cloud Engineer.

MCSA Azure Cloud

Certifications: Azure Cloud and Systems Associate Engineer

PC Hardware/Operating Systems & Basic Networking

  • PC Hardware Components & there Studies
  • Identification and Troubleshooting of PC Hardware
  • Assembling & Disassembling of PC
  • Operating System Concepts & OS Installation
  • Study of Windows 7/8.1/10 Concepts & Features
  • Basic Networking Concepts
  • Networking Devices
  • IP Address
  • Study of Wired & Wireless Network
  • Study of OSI Reference Model

MCSA 2016 Server (740,741,742)

MCSA Contents to be included are:-

  • Installation of Server OS.
  • Concepts of Server Roles and Features.
  • Creating and using DHCP/DNS/WDS/FTP Servers.
  • Active Directory and it's Concepts.
  • Domain - Client Model.
  • Server Group Policies.
  • Server FSMO Roles (Migration and Seize).
  • Server Migration from Server 2016 to Server 2019.

Azure Administrator Associate

AZ- 900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals)

  • Overview of Cloud Concepts
  • Concept of Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud
  • Creating free Cloud Storage Account
  • Information about Cloud Services Provider
  • Types of Cloud Accounts
  • Deploying Cloud Services (uploading and downloading data in cloud)
  • Studies

AZ- 104 (Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate)

Creating Azure Account

Azure computing services

  • Creating VMS in Azure, Resize VMS, add new HDD
  • Login and Accessing Azure VMS(RDP)
  • Creating Vnet in Azure
  • Vnet Peering, local Peering, Global Peering
  • Azure load Balancer

Azure computing services

  • Creating VMS in Azure, Resize VMS, add new HDD.
  • login and Accessing Azure VMS(RDP).
  • Creating Vnet in Azure.
  • Vnet Peering, local Peering, Global Peering.
  • Azure load Balancer.

Azure storages

  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure File Storage
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Queue Storage
  • Azure user Account
  • Azure AD
  • Azure Firewall
  • Azure VPN Services
  • Azure DNS Services

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